Plan de trabajo y esquema

Language attachment 2017Language 1ro –

Esquema de contenidos nodales -March 2017

Hi everyone!

These are the files with the plan and contents necessary for December!




Exam practice Answers


Question making

Make questions for the answers given:

  1. ___________________________________________
    1. She has studied English for 25 years.
  2. ___________________________________________
    1. I lived for 10 years in the same house. Then I moved.
  3. ___________________________________________
    1. Last year, when I decided to take up my studies.ç
  4. ___________________________________________
    1. Everyday I practice yoga and run for 20 minute
  5. ___________________________________________
    1. At that time I was reading a book.
  6. ___________________________________________
    1. I don´t know exactly, she had studied abroad for some time before she came here.
  7. ___________________________________________
    1. She bought it some months ago
  8. ___________________________________________
    1. I don´t know exactly. I think she is preparing it for next week.
  9. ___________________________________________
    1. I´m meeting Alice tonight
  10. ___________________________________________
    1. I can´t! Im sorry. I´m staying at home tonight, I have to take care of my sister!












This first image includes the basic and easiest connectors; those which by this time are a MUST in our writings:


Now let’s go a little further on and analyse some more…

Connectors 2

Once you finish with this analysis le’s practice a little….

Enjoy these exercises…



Let’s take a look at the past tenses we have revised up to now….


They are all the tenses we generally use to write a story… let’s read their definition and visit the following sites to practise your tenses once more…

a) Practice past tenses 1

b) Practice past and present tenses 2

Then on Wednesday we will comment on it….

Term Test

Remember the topics for the term test! !!

  1. Tenses:
  2. Present Simple and Continuous
  3. Past simple and Continuous
  4. Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
  5. Past Perfect
  6. Vocabulary: The words we checked in class
  7. Warhorse: first 5 chapters

Good Luck!!



War horse

Watch the trailer of the movie War Horse

What do you expect from the story?

What do you think happened in the story? Why are they set apart?

What feelings does the video arise in you?

Can you describe Joey? What can you see in him?

Can you perceive any bond between Joey and the boy?


Monday 21st- Horses

Look at this picture and think about the following tasks

  • find out about horses, their different features / abilities and how they help people.
  • words that we use to describe young animals (horses, lions, etc)
  • how horses (and other animals) are trained by people. Why do we train them?
  • words to describe a horse
  • Find out how to look after horses and write a set of instructions to teach others

In your blog:

  • Post the picture i provided plus any other picture you may wish to include
  • Under the title for each task explain or give the information required.



Monday 7th – Different types of friendships.

Do you think friendship between animals and human beings is possible?

Watch these two videos and draw your own conclusions:

Task: In groups

a) Find out about a similar story

b) In your blog post a video or picture that exemplifies this story

c) Prepare a short summary of the story in the present to be presented in class.

Requirements for our class


1) Open a category for Language: There you will upload those assignments you will be required to.

2) Important: Assignments that are required to be posted will be part of your final mark. There will be a set date which should be respected and checked by the teacher.

Some tips for our blogs are ready to be shared here! Just a click away!!

Materials for the class

Folder A4 divided into: 

  • Language 
  • Vocabulary
  • Tests & quizzes


Presentations: Throughout the year we will be working with different group or inidividual presentations. Each must be presented along the lines discussed in class as they will be part of your final mark. Presentations should have: videos, pictures, examples, and elaborated presentation of the members of each group.

Individual assignments, unless discussed and agreed with the teacher should be handed in on dates specified.

Group assignments: All members of the group are responsible for the work presented and the group mark will be part of each of the members’ final mark.

Absences: If, for some reason you are absent to class, you will need to ask for the homework assigned for the following class. If you are absent to an exam,  get ready to sit for it the following class. 



  • Boy by Roal Dahl.
  • Booklet
  • Warhorse, Michel Morpurgo.


  • Unless discussed with the teacher, due dates must be respected, otherwise the final mark for that assignment will be affected.
  • Calendar: we will share a calendar with important dates and specific deadlines.


Tips for our blogs

This entry has been created for you to know and be aware of the items and information you are expected to include in your blogs.                                           The poster has been created by the Tic Tac team of the school and includes some very interesting and important tips.

Can you think of any other?

Important tips for our blogs!!!


What is friendship?

Watch this video and discuss the prompts below.


Do you agree?

  • Good friends don’t put each other down or hurt each other’s feelings.
  • Good friends listen to each other.
  • Good friends try to understand each other’s feelings and moods.
  • Good friends help each other solve problems.
  • Good friends give each other compliments.
  • Good friends can disagree without hurting each other.
  • Good friends are dependable.
  • Good friends respect each other.
  • Good friends are trustworthy.
  • Good friends give each other room to change.
  • Good friends care about each other.